Good news

Cebu City—The Requests for Assisance (RFAs) of the Regional Branch generated a  P29.03 million benefit  to 1,305 workers in 2018 , announced Director Edmundo T. Mirasol.

According to Mirasol, the monetary benefit comprises the 670 requests for assistance settled last year with an average of 14 days duration to settle.

“There is a 64 percent increase on the monetary benefit and 51 percent increase on the workers benefited as compared to 2017.” Director Mirasol said.

In 2017, the board recorded a total of P17.66 million in monetary benefit for 861 workers.

Director Mirasol said that in 2018, the board received 844 requests which is 205 higher with those filed in 2017.

“The increase is an indication that more workers prefer to avail of a fast, economical and inexpensive way of settling  labor issues under the framework of SENA.” , Director Mirasol said.

Single Entry Approach (SENA) Program is a 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation services which is speedy, impartial, inexpensive and accessible.

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