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Cebu City—The Staff Capability Development Seminar of the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch VII kicks off last January 25 with a topic on Performance Evaluation.

(After the seminar, RBVII personnel got their certificates..)

(After the seminar, RBVII personnel got their certificates..)

The seminar aims to capacitate and hone the delivery skills of all personnel at the same an opportunity to get feedback from superiors and fellow employees on tips how to improve the presentation skills.

Director Edmundo T. Mirasol kicked-off the year-long activity with his discussion on Performance Evaluation.

According to Director Mirasol, performance evaluation is a systematic, periodic and impartial assessment of an employee’s performance alongside standards previously and mutually agreed upon by the supervisor and the employee.

“The essence of performance evaluation is getting work done most efficiently and effectively.” , he said.


Among others he discussed the elements of performance evaluation, performance evaluation measurement and methods, types of rating errors and biases and the factors why performance evaluation fail.

For the rest of the year, the following topics will be shared: Effective Writing, Probing Techniques,  PESO Employment Info System, The NCMB Data Privacy Manual, Latest Labor Jurisprudence, TRAIN, Servant Leadership, Procurement Program, Work Values and Role of Parents.

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