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Cebu City—The Voluntary Arbitration program of the regional office here resulted to P6.44M monetary equivalent and has benefited 393 workers, announced Director Edmundo T. Mirasol.

According to Mirasol, the monetary benefit comprises the 12 voluntary arbitration cases decided and settled for this year.

“There is an increase of 316% on the monetary benefit and 1123% on the workers benefited as compared to last year.” Director Mirasol said.

In 2017, the VA program generated a total of P2.04M in monetary benefit for 35 workers.

For this year, the board handled 13 voluntary arbitration cases,  11 are land-based and 2 are maritime.

Voluntary arbitration   is a mode of settling labor-management disputes by which the parties select a competent, trained and impartial person who shall decide on the merits of the case and whose decision is final, executory and binding.

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