Through SENA seaman receives disability compensation

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Cebu City—Through SENA, a seaman received his disability compensation after the parties reached  an amicable settlement recently, Director Edmundo T. Mirasol said.

Mr. Melvin T. Unabia, a resident of Consolacion, Cebu ,  received the full settlement of his claims last August 2 for a  total amount of P3.119M, as evidenced by a release of rights document signed by the former.

Conciliator Rosemarie G. Oxinio  who facilitated the settlement said that Mr. Unabia sought assistance last May 16 for disability .

According to Conmed Oxinio, Mr. Unabia is employed with Southfield Agencies Inc. as an able seaman and had suffered recurring back pains which started right after he met an accident while on board the vessel in 2017.

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Through SENA, twelve workers were regularized and received financial assistance

Press release

Cebu City—Through SENA, twelve workers gets regularized and received financial assistance after three conciliation conferences says Director Edmundo T. Mirasol.

Mr. Geronimo Getarueles and eleven others who worked as baggers of Alcoy Agro Corporation received the assistance in an aggregate amount of P91,650 last August 13.

The workers will now also enjoy regular status of employment and will be paid with their social and health care benefits retroacting from March 2018.

Conciliator Paciano L. Murro Jr. who facilitated the settlement said that the requesting party filed the request for assistance last July 16 for issues on labor standards as well as social and medical benefits.

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NCMB speaks before USJR graduate students

Press release

Cebu City—The National Conciliation and Mediation Board VII speaks before the graduate students of the University of San Jose Recoletos Graduate School of Business and Management  during the Labor Relations Seminar last August 18, 2018 at the USJR Main Campus.

This is in response to the student’s invitation as a requirement on their Employee and Labor Relations subject for the course Doctor in Management Major in Human Resources Management.

Ms. Josephine C. Plariza, the students’ representative said that their group was tasked to report on Labor Relations particularly on unionism and collective bargaining agreement.

Senior LEO Rex P. Ramos introduced NCMB and its programs prior to his discussion on the history of unionism.

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Through SENA, employees get separation pay prior to first conference

Good news

Cebu City—Through SENA, employees of a construction company got their separation pay prior to the conduct of the first conference, says Director Edmundo T. Mirasol.

Mr. Michael Tangcawan and six others expressed thanks after they got their pays ahead of time.

The first group namely Michael Tangcawan, Manolito Tangcawan, Rufino Tangcawan and Ranil Sabalande received the payment of their claims on July 6.

It was followed with a payment last July 14 to Reyfil Llaguno, Roel Llaguno and Felipe Ragodos.

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